Bayān-e-Ghālib Sangeet Natak Academy, Sunday, the 19th of May, at 6.45 PM

Hogā koī aisā bhī ki Ghālib ko na jaane

shā.ir to vo achchhā hai pa badnām bahut hai (badnam: defamed, maligned)

Could there be any individual who would not know Ghalib? As good a poet as he is, he is pretty ill-famed as well.



Reading between the lines, it is quite a challenge to picture anyone unfamiliar with Ghalib’s works, considering his towering presence in the world of poetry. However, ironically, his unparalleled fame is sometimes tinged with a hint of infamy, stemming from the envy, avarice, and ignorance of lesser mortals. This intriguing blend of bountiful adulation and occasional criticism adds depth to his towering persona, forming a captivating paradox within his legacy.



Experience the captivating fusion of powerful narration and recitation, ghazal renditions, and enchanting Kathak dance in “Bayān-e-Ghālib,” a tribute to the legendary poet Mirza Ghālib. Join us at the Sant Gadge auditorium within the premises of the Sangeet Natak Academy on Sunday, the 19th of May, at 6.45 PM.



Mirza Beg Asadullah Khan, affectionately known as Mirza Ghālib, stands as an icon in Urdu literature, his poetic brilliance transcending borders and time. Beyond his timeless and ethereal verses, Ghālib’s letters are revered as masterpieces of Urdu prose, offering profound insights into his life and era.



In this presentation, Ghālib’s essence comes alive through a meticulously crafted script adapted from his letters by Ghālib scholar Syed Kabeer Ahmad. As his poetic verses resonate in the air, the soulful renditions by Dr. Prabha Srivastava evoke deep emotions, accompanied by the graceful movements of Kathak, skillfully performed by the disciples of the renowned exponent Dr. Kumkum Dhar under her intense tutelage.



Narrated by Syed Kabeer Ahmad and punctuated by recitation by Ghālib enthusiast Sudhanshu Mani, the performance intricately weaves together the tapestry of Ghālib’s life and times, offering a glimpse into the world that shaped his genius.



This program stands as a testament to the enduring influence of Ghālib’s magic and metaphors, skillfully brought to life by a group of Lucknowites deeply inspired by his legacy. While it is known that Ghālib did not particularly relish his time in Lucknow for extrinsic reasons, the team behind this creation chooses to view it as a unique tribute that only the denizens of Lucknow could conceive and execute with such heartfelt dedication.



Haiñ aur bhī duniyā meñ suḳhan-var bahut achchhe

kahte haiñ ki Ghālib kā hai andāz-e-bayāñ aur

(suḳhan-var: eloquent poet, andāz-e-bayāñ: style of narration)

Although there be in this world many great poets but the style of narration of Ghālib stands unparalleled.


Though the world boasts many great poets, none quite rival the distinctive narrative style of Ghālib. This aur (different, special), that something different, that something special, is not very easy to delineate; the essence of his works is ineffable, a unique blend of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Capturing this elusive quality is no simple task, but it is precisely this that this production endeavours to convey to the audience.

Join us for an evening of cultural immersion, with stage management and lighting by well-known theatre personality Gopal Sinha and production by Sudhanshu Mani. Experience the enchantment of Ghālib’s poetry and prose, creating an unforgettable experience for all.