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Keepers Of the Kingdom – The Heroes Ignotum:-

The main motive of this concept is to create a platform for passionate people who are striving hard to achieve their goals in different fields. A platform that will help them be in the mainstream and let them showcase their talents without any restrictions.

“Heroes Ignotum”, the Hidden Faces of India, is a book series in which there are stories of 55+ unsung heroes who will be featured in two volumes. We are receiving support from writers, graphic designers, and other artists who are willing to be a part of this journey. With all our efforts in the past 3 years and 6 months, we have received the best 55+ stories to feature in our first edition.

Heroes Ignotum concept includes several categories as below.

1.Social Warriors:- Social workers who serve for the betterment of people.

2. Passionate Warriors: – Beyond their dreams of passion and determination, these are highly talented people who could not come up due to the lack of family support.

3. Small Wonders:-Kids who do wonders at a tender age and who are seeking support to fulfill their dreams and explore creative ideas as a beginner.

4. Teenage Marvels:- Introducing teenagers who have come out with flying colours after winning the battle of depression and are helping others in their struggles.

5. Left out of Memories:- Bringing back to light the talents that were once famous but lost their shine with time.

6. Dreamers:-  A section for our heroes who have left their dreams behind for the sake of their families but are still carrying the spark in the nook of their hearts.

7. Cultural:-  In this category, we have scientists, astronomers,and bloggers who have contributed to the cultural life of the world.

8. Trado-cultural Warriors:- Introducing those who are striving to save traditionn and culture by instilling values in younger generations.

9. Hidden Talents:- Reaching out to the suburbs and finding the hidden talents of India to give them national exposure.

10. Behind the Scenes:- Introducing the faces of people behind the camera whose hard work makes a web series or a short film successful.

Heroes Ignotum is trying to bring different talented people under one roof. Hence, we have included the other categories as well which are as below;

11. Indian Warriors:- In this category, we find all the warriors of India from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Merchant Navy,Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan Award, and Ashok Chakra heroes who work for the upliftment of the country. The world has never known their stories of sacrifice, bravery,hardships, but we are coming up with unique ideas to celebrate their stories and bring everything in front of India.

The motive and initiative is that everyone who works for the country is our unsung hero. We also welcome any unsung hero who’s willing to be a part of our concept for the upcoming editions.


Heroes Ignotum started with a passionate dream to do something unique.
Mr. Shardul Bhatt, the founder, and Mr. Manas Dudhani, the co-founder, created this platform on April 4, 2020. Their journey began with collecting stories from across the globe, and almost everyone from all walks of life has come together for this project.However, as it was difficult to collate everything, they came up with the idea of compiling it into a book. To establish the foundation of this platform, they are now working at multiple levels and categories. More than 50 Unsung Heroes are part of this book. They are the people who are not famous or widely talked about but silently with determination, have been extending their services for the betterment of our society and, collectively, as a nation at large. Hats off to them all! The first edition is being launched in two languages: English and Hindi. A very beautiful and heart-touching song has been composed by the young and enthusiastic team of Heroes Ignotum. This song and its composition is intended to engage the readers to feel the emotions behind the aim of this noble cause.More than 40 writers have taken the initiative and volunteered to pen down the stories and achievements of these unsung heroes of our country. Many of these writers have had the opportunity to meet these heroes, interact with them, and get first￾hand information about their experiences. This aspect has helped the writers to pen down their feelings, and in the process, they ended up sharing a wonderful bond for life. They’ve created a chain to help each other by connecting other unsung heroes they were acquainted with. This developed chain is now working on nineteen different categories and six new concepts. They are trying to explore new avenues to motivate the youth and are also thriving to clear nepotism.
Mr. Shardul Bhatt said, “We have walked along this amazing path, and the journey has been wonderful because a lot of people have shown faith in us, supported us, and joined hands in this mission. Our teamwork is our biggest strength. Without our team of today’s youth and writers, the unsung heroes’ story would not have been told in such beautiful words, nor would it justify the title of ‘Heroes Ignotum’. We are proud of the title, as it aptly suits our objective: ‘Keepers of the Kingdom: The Heroes Ignotum.’
Mr. Shardul Bhatt further became emotional when he told us, “Heroes Ignotum is not just a dream but an ongoing journey that I never plan to stop. It was just a thought that became a reality on April 4,2020. People told me to back off, never believing that this could come true,but I was confident enough to let this vision turn into a reality one day. I always wanted to create a platform where I could zero in on all the differences in people’s minds and align them together, even if they are from different backgrounds and professions. In the initial days, it was overwhelming, but I trusted the aim I had in mind, which I wished to achieve wholeheartedly. If we are determined about something and passionate about what we are doing, we can succeed in anything in our lives.”
He further added, “For a dream to survive and turn into reality,it always needs a name, so that its presence can be justified. This was my dream, and I had to make it happen. ‘Heroes Ignotum’ is a remarkable name as it reflects immense faith, achievements, dreams of hope, and it’s all about supporting human life. The only keys I knew were support and trust. This has been the top priority of my team. Every member has a specific role to play in the success of this project.”
The purpose of creating this platform is to establish the idea that every passion has its importance and that one can freely pursue their passion without getting bogged down by the pressure of societal norms and invisible boundaries. Through this book, they wish to bring to the forefront, the people who have relentlessly thought of others before their own needs and have made it their life’s mission to dedicate their lives to the service of humanity.
The team hopes that this book will have a positive and thought-provoking effect on the readers. Their sole aim through this book is to benefit people who are in any way connected to Heroes Ignotum. Also, the team members or anyone related to the book or even the readers, may relate to the heroes who have genuinely braved the ground realities and risen from the ashes. Remember, dreams are meant to be accomplished only if you are determined. It depends on how much you are dedicated to your goals and how passionate enough you are to follow that and rule your life.