Manisha Manjari gives the first review of the Heroes Ignotum Book.

Manisha Manjari is a Author, Novelist and Poetess gives the review of the Heroes Ignotum Book.


Wow! What an incredible journey ‘Keepers of the Kingdom- The Heroes Ignotum’ took me on! Finally had a moment to dive into Shardul and Manas’s biography of stories about unsung heroes. There are 25 stories in total, each one shining a light on remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds. Honestly, I didn’t expect to finish it in one go, but seriously, was I wrong!


The book completely shifted my perspective. Within three hours, I was hooked. The concept and ideology behind it are just so inspiring. And the way each story grabs you and doesn’t let go – it’s simply amazing. Every story is a gem in its own right, but a few really stood out for me.

‘Happy Hopping – Alisha Kapoor’ by Shilpa Salve, the story of Uttar Pradesh’s first paralympic table tennis player by Rajul Panday, the tale of Climate Change Researcher Ms. Bojana Bogojevic by

Shanu Shah, ‘Door to Education- Piyush Mishra’ by Mehak Naqvi, and ‘Swasthya Mitra- Farah Sarosh’ by Ananya Salve were some of my favorites.

A big round of applause to the entire team behind this labor of love. Your hard work and initiative shine through every page. Congratulations on a job well done! Here’s to many more uplifting stories in the future. All the best!”


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