Author Geeta Sharma holding the book of Heroes Ignotum

Geeta Sharma ma’am one of our readers and supporters have purchased our book

after the book launch and she has something to say about our project.

We’re waiting for her review.🌸

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About the Geeta Sharma -:

Geeta Sharma is an author and independent journalist. She is the owner of the live streaming company, Multi Stream Broadcast. She has been in the Hindi media for over sixteen years. While working in news channels, I anchored news, wrote scripts, produced special features, edited, and headed the news department. She has worked with channels such as CNBC, Jain TV, and Total TV. She has authored several novels; two of them were published recently. ‘Pyar Mujse jo kiya tumne’ and ‘Viral Aashiq’ are doing well in paperback and e-book formats. Some of my e-books are available at