Unforgettable moments with Mr. Vision Raval and Shanu Shah to present Heroes Ignotum Book

We will never forget that moment of the year 2020 when we got the chance to have our first conversation with Mr. Vision Raval sir.

We approached him with our concept of Heroes Ignotum and he did listen to each and every thing related to Heroes Ignotum very actively and gave us strength, support and guidance to carry forward this concept to the next level.

Mr.Vision Raval unsung hero

Vision sir became our first Unsung Hero and because of his love and passion towards the Artificial Intelligence (A.I) technology we found our Tony Stark Aka Iron man of the real Earth in our Mr.Vision Raval Sir who is actively working towards social work responsibility from his college days, set-up the V help Foundation which is continuously working for welfare of the society and also a Entrepreneur.


After 2 years of our hardwork, we successfully discovered 55+ unsung Heroes 35+ budding and passionate writers for our 1st Edition and had also launched our song for all such amazing personalities out there as “Ek Nayaa Kaarwaan”.


On 29 February 2024, Vision Sir’s team invited us for the Urja Awards 2024. The award distribution ceremony for the women who are doing good for the society.

Heroes Ignotum our unsung Hero Vision Raval Man of Steel

After 3 years of hardwork it’s paysoff. We met our First unsung hero Mr.Vision Raval and the Author Shanu Shah.We also got the opportunity to give the Book to them on that time missing whole Heroes Ignotum team ,Chetna mam and Manas on that valuable moment.


It was the moment of pride for us to get invited as a supporting member of the award distribution ceremony and to have the opportunity to meet our great personality and mentor Vision Sir and the Author Shanu Shah mam who helped us in completing our project.


You’re the Real Hero for us. 🌸

Heroes Ignotum book

Want to know more about the Man of Steel journey of Mr.Vision Raval Sir and contribution of Author Shanu Shah ma’am? Tap the photo 🔗 and get your own copy!