Happy Hoppings

Alisha Kapoor

*We know that there are lots of Alisha and Happy Hoppings out there working for the welfare of innocent animals*

Kudos to all the animal welfare warriors. Your love and support to those innocent beings is the reason why we can say that Humanity still exists.

As we know that it’s really a hardship to work for those animals no one is bothering about. You all have to face daily challenges that we can’t imagine and this is something that motivates us.

Here is a small tribute from Heroes Ignotum in form of a real life story of such amazing animal welfare warriors, Miss Alisha Kapoor. Through this, we want to to thank all such great group and people who are working really very hard for the welfare of the animals


You’re the Real Hero for us. 🌸

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Story Written by Author Shilpa Salve

Shilpa Salve is a health and wellness coach from Dune As the founder of Empowering Yog’, she has impacted over 1000 lives in the laut decade and also aspires to assist people in their physical and mental difficulties to ensure they live a life of true meaning and wonderful experiences Her mission is to influence people and create more awareness about self-empowerment currently she is guding her clients to reverse lifestyle diseases.